"I will now allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her." --Hosea 2:14

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Resting in Love...

Painting by Joan Brull
"My love, my God,
You are my dearest possession,
without You I have no hope nor desire,
in Heaven or in Earth.
You are my true inheritance 
and all the longing of my life and thought.

My love,
let the goal of my life
be your pleasure consummated in me!
Show me that covenant of marriage
in which my heart joins with yours.
Show me, as evening draws on,
that you are the light of the evening sky,
the light I see in the face of my dear God.
My evening star, dearest and brightest of all,
graciously appear to me at my death,
that I may have the Evening Star of my desire,
and gently fall asleep in all your fullest sweetness,
and find rest in my heart.
Come, fount of eternal light,
take me to yourself from whom I came.
There may I know as I am known,
and love as I am loved,
that I may see you, as you are my God,
and, seeing you, enjoy you and possess you
for evermore."
St. Gertrude the Great

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