"I will now allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her." --Hosea 2:14

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mary, Master Gardener...
John Waterhouse Painting
'The Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Bridget and said to her this:
     "I, who speak to you, am the Queen of Heaven.  I am, as it were, a gardener of this world.  For when a gardener sees the rise of a strong wind harmful to the little plants and the trees of his garden, at once he runs to them quickly and binds them fast with sturdy stakes as well as he can.  And thus he comes to their aid, in various ways according to his ability, lest they be broken by the rushing wind or wretchedly uprooted.
     "I, the Mother of mercy, do the same in the garden of this world.  For when I see blowing on the hearts of human beings the dangerous winds of the devil's temptations and wicked suggestions, at once I have recourse to my Lord and my God, my Son Jesus Christ, helping them with my prayers and obtaining from him his out-pouring of some holy infusions of the Holy Spirit into their hearts to prop them up and savingly confirm them that  they may be kept spiritually uninjured by the diabolic wind of temptations lest the devil prevail against human beings, breaking their souls and plucking them up by the stem in accord with his wicked desire.  And thus when, with humility of heart and active compliance, human beings receive this said stakes of mine and my assistance, at once they are defended against the diabolic onslaught of temptations; and remaining firm in the state of grace, they bear for God and for me the fruit of sweetness in due season."
                                                                                      Saint Bridget of Sweden.

Sweet Mary, thank you for always coming to the aid of your weak little daisy when I am forever, blowing this way and that!  Do not allow me to be completely uprooted, however hard the devil tries to do so!  Instead, nourish your miserable little weed and cultivate me into the beautiful flower, your Son intended me to be!  


Trish said...

Lindy, this is beautiful. I love the image of Mary as a gardener!!

Trish said...

ps..I'm so glad we are FB friends now too :-)


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