"I will now allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her." --Hosea 2:14

Sunday, May 22, 2011

In My Father's House...

It was very interesting that last night was supposed to be the end of the world and the Gospel reading was about the 'many dwelling places' of the Father! Our  Priest, Father John, once again shared an AWESOME homily..in it he shared the following, "Who are we?  We are NOT human beings having a temporary spiritual experience, but, spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.  First and foremost we are spiritual beings...we belong to God.  The life that exists in our human bodies is God's life...our journey here on earth is a short, temporary existence but ultimately we belong to God, we are home with God."
This made me think of the following....
Because of my husband's job, we have moved a LOT!!  The longest we have lived in one house is 5 1/2 years!!  We have been married 29 years and have lived in at least 10 different homes and or apartments!  It's very sad, but our sons have really never had a place to call "HOME".  If they had to pick a house...they would probably pick our Austin, Tx. home.  The home Steve and I live in right now is a Townhome...it is basically a roof over our heads.  Please don't misunderstand...it is a lovely Townhome, but, it is not HOME for us...and certainly not HOME for our two sons, because, although they have both visited here, they have never "lived" here with us.  So, this whole reading of, "my Father's House', was very appealing for me!!  It made me realize that it is only with HIM, that I am truly at HOME!!  Just as my body is a "shell"...the same goes for where I live, here on Earth....it doesn't really matter.  Sure, it would be lovely if we had settled in one place for MORE than 5 years...but, it really would not have mattered because it is only with God that I will be satisfied.  Our journey really is very , very short....like it says in Psalm 103..."As for man, his days are like grass; he flowers like the flower in the field;  the wind blows and he is gone and his place never see him again."...if that doesn't say something to you, try Psalm 90..."Our life is over like a sigh."  Or...'My days are like a passing shadow and I wither away like the grass."  If these don't tell you like it is...I don't know what will!!  This life...that is sooooooo important to us....is NOTHING compared to what God is getting ready for us!!!  WE DO BELONG TO GOD...AND WE ARE ONLY AT HOME, WHEN WE ARE WITH HIM!!  How cool is that?!?!?  I, for one...can NOT wait to see what God has in mind for me!!  FINALLY...a home for all eternity!!
God is so good to us!

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