"I will now allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her." --Hosea 2:14

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Book 'Fatima in Lucia's own words...

In this book, Lucia tells the following:

"One day, we began to sing in happy chorus about the joys of the serra:

Ah! tra lala, la la
Tra lala, la la
La la la!

In this life everything sings,
And who sings better than I?
The shepherdess out on the serra,
Or the maid a-washing in a stream!

There's the merry chirp to the goldfinch
That comes to awaken me,
As soon as the sun arises,
The brambles come alive with his song.

The screech owl cries at night
Seeking to frighten me,
The girl in the moonlight sings
As she gaily shucks the corn.

The nightingale in the meadow
Spends the whole day long in song,
The turtle dove sings in the wood,
Even the cart squeaks out a song!

The serra is a rock-strewn garden
Smiling happily all the day long,
Sparkling with gleaming dew drops
That glisten on the mountain side!

"We sang it right through once, and were about to repeat it, when Francisco interrupted us: "Let's not sing any more. Since we saw the Angel and Our Lady, singing doesn't appeal to me any longer."

I would like to think that Our Lady smiled when she heard them sing this little song!

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